I'm passionate about what I do,
and that passion has granted me some measure of success.

As summaries go, that'll probably do...  


I’ve always loved to draw...


Professionally, this first manifested with illustration, and for six years my work appeared in magazines and on books. In 1993, I took a hard right into the jewelry world, entering through the doors of The Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan—better known as FIT.

After FIT, I apprenticed with Carvin French jewelers, one of the world’s premier creators of precious jewelry. I recall an early design project—a seven-figure necklace—that Andre’, my mentor, was invoicing...and him asking me how many things I thought still required 2,500 hours of skilled handcraft. I would gain more than five years of unparalleled experience with this amazing shop.

I next spent three warm years in Lafayette, Louisiana, as a senior designer for Stuller, one of the largest manufacturers in the country. I became fluent in developing product for a mass market and comfortable with the technologies involved in mass production. I was also exposed to digital manufacturing for the first time; Stuller has always set the bar for digital involvement in the jewelry industry. This was where I embraced digital design and began CAD modeling. I would maintain a close freelance relationship with Stuller for more than a decade.

My work as a freelance designer and CAD modeler spans eighteen years. I have worked with a diverse array of clients, and along the way, I have been recognized as a diamonds international finalist and accrued both platinum guild and JCK design awards. Recently, CAD modeling has become an important segment of my freelance work, along with CAD consulting and training. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.