Freelance design

For eighteen years, I have designed for a wide array of clients, from exclusive to promotional, large to small, and both fashion and fine. The design process can be roughly divided into three stages: ideation, development, and presentation. I welcome opportunities to engage in the design process at any or all of these stages. 




Sketching is a conversation between artist and client that sets both the groundwork and horizon for successful jewelry. When I was an apprentice, my mentor, Andre' Chervin, called this dirtying paper. He believed it was the most valuable way a designer could spend their time. I agree. 




Development is where questions are asked and problems are solved—it's where sketches become sculpture. Technical studies and detailed drawings clarify the piece from every angle until the design comes into focus.




Presentations communicate design intent to the end-client, using tools such as color rendering and technical drafting. A strong presentation is more than accurate, it's compelling.