Outside Looking In

This ring was made for an academic exhibition as an homage to potent, commercial, jewelry design.

8x6mm Alexandrite Cushion


I chose a lab-grown alexandrite , because the price-point is commercially appealing, and the color and color change phenomenon are lovely. The fact that lab-grown stones match the mineral composition of their natural counterparts perfectly was also a salable factor. The cut of lab-grown stones tends to be less than ideal, so I bought an oversize specimen and had it re-faceted into an elegant cushion. 


Ring Design

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This is the original design. Notice the flattened top and front views; these are tremendously helpful and efficient when fleshing out a ring design.


Rhino Model


modeling process video

(no sound)

The model for this ring was completed and recorded in support of a course in advanced Rhino-modeling. Though the design was relatively simple, modeling it properly required sophisticated, precise surfacing. I also decided the ring would be more commercially viable with melee accents as indicated by the presets pictured here.


Fabricating the Piece

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This was taken on the lapidary's counter. The alexandrite, a spare castable print, and the gold casting are resting on a copy of the designwork. Notice how hard florescent lighting brings out the cool side of the alexandrite.


This is the completed ring. The size of the melee is interesting. I have found 1.2mm to be ideal for commercial work; it is cost effective, but flashes much more impressively than half-point melee. Here, the alexandrite changes personality dramatically under warm lighting.  Commercially, this ring is viable and should sell well. The only padding I added was casting in 18k. 


This is a brief sampling of the level of work I can provide. I hope to hear from you and look forward to helping you realize your project.