This ring was about a spiritual journey, charting a path from Mormonism to meditation

African Tourmaline


This was a truly special stone with color flashing from cinnamon through bright alizarin crimson. I had the stone cut into a buff-top cabochon, allowing the faceted pavilion to sparkle through the smoothly domed crown. This was a men’s ring, so I wanted a  cut that brings the tourmaline masculine elegance.


Mormon References


Mormon references echo Mesoamerican influences, particularly in the pyramidal form of the ring, the ramped flutes, and ancient feel of the design. A crumpled foil texture was also an important reference. —See more here


Eastern Influences

tour ring, sanskrit sketch.jpg

Eastern Influences can be seen in the Sanskrit inscriptions running up the flutes. A nod to Indian jewelry also shines through in the jeweled shoulders of the shank, which are adorned with custom-cut Mozambique garnets. —See more here


Technically Speaking


...the partial bezel setting for the center stone and cleat-settings for the garnets add masculine feeling while bringing a modern note to the piece. The CAD modeling utilized both hard and soft surfacing, with the Sanskrit engraving being a particularly interesting challenge. As always, my jeweler kept and enhanced the ring’s detail after casting. We also decided the 18k gold was a touch washed out, so rich gold plating was added to deepen color and accentuate shadows and form. A floating grille finished the piece of nicely and signed it at the same time. —See more here


This is a brief sampling of the level of work I can provide. I hope to hear from you and look forward to helping you realize your project.